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Emily Brady

Emily Brady

Emily Brady is Senior Manager of Local SEO Solutions at Milestone Inc. With more than 8 years of industry experience behind her, she's passionate about all things search - but especially technical and local SEO.
Prior to Milestone, Emily led the SEO team and product at Scorpion, a digital agency in Southern California, where she was instrumental in creating a successful local SEO product specifically for enterprise-level franchises.

Speaker Profile

  • Why select Emily Brady as a speaker?

    Emily has spoken at State of Search and appeared as a guest on Authoritas' "Tea Time SEO" twice and led many internal trainings and webinars. In addition to her passion for SEO and sharing knowledge, Emily cares deeply about supporting a more diverse SEO community.
    She doesn't have a favorite sports team, but she does love discovering new ways to give brands and businesses the competitive edge they need in local search results - because when they win, she wins.
    Emily's speaking style is relatable and informative.
    State of Search Recording (Zoom link):
  • SEO

    • SEO challenges for small businesses
    • Building & running a successful SEO team
    • Featured snippet optimization
    • The power of your branded SERP (And how to control it)

    Topics related to search (Basic to advanced)

    • Building local landing pages that work
    • The evolution of local search
    • The value of directories & citations in 2021
    • Local SEO myth-busting (What's in, What's outdated)
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