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Our team develops SEO enhanced websites that drive revenue through conversion and engagement.
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Hotel Website Development

A beautiful website is only as effective as its performance. Your site's performance is dependent on how it is programmed, how your servers are set up and what information is delivered to users. Our programming strategy ensures fast download times, low bounce rates, and mobile responsiveness. This sends the search engines a good user experience signal, which impacts the overall traffic and ranking of your site. High performance programming is crucial for your hospitality website design today and for the future of semantic search.

Speed and Performance

A one-second delay in page-load can cause a 7% loss in customer conversions. We minimize http requests, minify JS & CSS, and optimize images. We maximize performance by reducing the number of requests going to the server.


Milestone ensures the constant validation of all codes, such as HTML and CSS, to eradicate errors. In addition, Sitemap XML for websites and images are submitted to the webmaster to ensure crawlability and indexibility.

Schema Enabled

Schemas for semantic web are rich snippets that help search engines index critical data fast and improve click-though rates. Our sites are loaded with schemas to deliver higher click-through rates. The importance of schemas during your hotel website development is critical for success.

Usability and Conversion

Our websites are based on sophisticated designs, information organization and scannability. We conduct comprehensive usability studies to better understand how users interact with and move through websites.

Robust Mobile Strategy

We deliver robust mobile sites that offer responsive client and server side strategies. With this approach, your mobile site has the same URL as your website. We also offer separate mobile sites for advanced websites.
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