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Technical Site Audit
Technical site audits ensure websites are optimally performing and seamlessly integrating with search engines.
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Robust Website Audits to Improve Hotel Marketing Efforts

At Milestone, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining websites that drive conversion and ROI. Standards are always being updated and enhanced in the world of SEO, so we take measures to ensure that we are ahead of the curve. To keep our client sites performing at peak levels, we conduct technical site audits that check the following:


We ensure that metadata is in place for every website page, including meta title and description, H1 tag, and image optimization. These are important factors that contribute to where websites are displayed on a SERP.


It is of critical importance to ensure that search engines can crawl your site and easily index each page. By examining the robot.txt, sitemap.xml and more, we can ensure efficient crawlability.

Website Content and Architecture

Great site architecture is all about improving how users navigate it.  Ideal websites should have a clean URL, navigation structure and strong internal linking.

W3C Validation and Google Webmaster Tools

W3C Validation ensures that the code on your web page complies with the standards set by the W3 Consortium. Error reports, including the crawl error report, will provide details about uncrawlable URLs.

Technical Issues

We check for anything hindering your site performance. By resolving these issues, your website will feature a clean structure, pages with proper HTTP header statuses, easy-to-read URL structures and canonical tags.
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