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Eyetracking & Legibility
Eyetracking and usability studies help us ensure that our websites are easy to read, use and navigate.
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Engaging Websites Focused On Usability

Legibility refers to the clarity of visual text and can directly affect the click-through and bounce rates on your website. We conduct studies on how to engage consumers by manipulating size, contrast and quality of the letters, as well as the line and word spacing. By applying the correct legibility curations and maintaining scannable structures, we increase conversions on our websites.
In addition to legibility, we conduct studies in eye tracking, which analyze the way we examine or scroll through websites. Results show that users scan websites from left to right and spend most of their time on the left side of the screen. So, we study focal points throughout websites to determine where the eye lands first and what elements engage. Based on these studies we are able to develop highly usable sites that drive conversion.
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