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Social Media ROI & Reporting for Hotels
Take the market lead by fine tuning your hotel or business's Internet marketing strategy with custom reporting on social media strategy, implementation, outreach, and real-time results.
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Social Media Management ROI Tools and Reports for Hotels

Detailed monthly reporting of key metrics across all social networks gives hotels a clear understanding of the strategy, implementation, outreach, and results of each social media channel. We provide an in-depth analysis of all hotel social media successes and opportunities, and set regular initiatives to adjust to the latest channel tune-ups. Our goals are to ensure that hotel clients are connecting with the right communities, that their content is fresh and engaging, and that the hotel is achieving the highest return on investment.
Milestone presents the results of our efforts through regularly scheduled review calls for hotel social media strategy. These review calls ensures the hotels understand the current trends in social media, how our efforts affect the business's overall digital marketing, measurement against the hotel's key performance indicators, and a discussion of the property's goals and initiatives for the upcoming quarter.

Four Steps for a Measurable Hotel Social Media Strategy

  1. Define the ROI

    : to accurately measure the return from social media strategies, the hotel has to clearly define what the ROI means to its business. What activity would the hotel qualify as a conversion for its business? Examples can be increase in social media followers/fans, traffic to the website, hotel bookings, etc.
  2. Set Measurable Goals

    : Once the hotel has defined the ROI, Milestone sets measurable goals that tie to the overall hotel marketing strategy. Although social media engagement is a popular metric to observe, this is not a business goal. Define goals, such as number of booking, or traffic that reached the hotel's "thank you" webpage – and track this using an analytics software such as Google Analytics.
  3. Measure Results

    : after defining the hotel's goals, Milestone measures the impact of the strategy. Google+, Facebook, and Twitter have analytics suites that give information about how users are engaging with the information hotels share, but Milestone integrates Google Analytics to measure the success from these channels – traffic referrals to the hotel's and how much of that traffic completes a goal.
  4. Adjust the Strategy

    : Having the data is not enough – Milestone also analyzes it and identifies what is working and what is not. Is the current content strategy attracting the right traffic for the hotel? Is the social media strategy ultimately bringing more business for the hotel? Milestone analyzes the data to know what works and what does not so we can adjust the strategy and maximize the hotel's return on investments.
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