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Hotel Social Media Profile Optimization
We produce award-winning social media profiles by optimizing images, data and engaging content. Drive online ROI for your hotel or business with enhanced social profiles that deliver results.
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Social Media Marketing Optimization for Hotels

Social media continues to grow in importance for hotel in terms of search engine optimization. It has not only become a critical tool to interact with customers, but is also a key element that impacts organic search rankings for hotels. Hotels that take advantage of this hot trend are seeing significant benefits in terms of online placement and revenue.
As part of Graviti social media marketing for hotels, Milestone creates custom designs for the hotel's social media pages and profiles on channels such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Foursquare, Pinterest, and blog. We create unique designs with graphics, images, and creative content that maximize social media engagement for the hotel. By crafting original and interesting content that is optimized for what people are searching for, we focus on what the business's audience is interested in and what lifestyle trends consumers are drawn to.
Social media content also integrates new ideas, products, and information into the hotel's website that search engines deem valuable. A focus on the social media channels that have the most profound impact on the hotel's business ensures that its identity is where it needs to be.

Top 5 Reasons for Hotel Social Media Optimization and Marketing

  1. Saturate the search engine results page with the hotel - Search engines give higher relevance to businesses connected through different social media channels resulting in higher placement in search engines
  2. Attract new users - social media is the fastest growing category of Internet marketing and can drive increasing traffic to the hotel's website and blog
  3. Establish a relationship with the hotel's customer - social media enables businesses to establish a 1-1 relationship where it gets regular feedback on how customers are reacting to its marketing messages.
  4. Establish the hotel or business as an expert in its local market –the use of social media channels can help establish the hotel as an expert in its destination. People like to buy from experts and like to follow experts' advice from their blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, etc.
  5. Rank in search engine's latest real time search algorithm - gain additional exposure and traffic when social media conversations rank in real time search on Google, Bing, and other search engines.
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