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eBuzz Connect™ Reputation Monitoring Platform
eBuzz Connect™ allows you to connect and engage with your social consumers from a single dashboard.
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eBuzz Connect™ Reputation Monitoring Platform for Social Media Marketing
eBuzz Connect™
Description: Online reputation management software that enables users to interact with clients across multiple hotel review websites and social media channels.
Application Type: Business Application
Operating Systems: Windows
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Best Social Media and Online Reviews Monitoring Tool for Hotels

eBuzz Connect is an online social media and reviews monitoring solution that enables hotels to monitor and manage their online reputation from an integrated single interface. The tool combs through thousands of review sites, blogs, and social media channels such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to look for mentions of the hotel and important keywords. It then provides a consolidated view on a simple interactive dashboard.
Social Media and Reviews Monitoring Tool for Hotels

Social Media and Reviews Monitoring Tool Highlights:

  • Simple dashboard architecture for ease of navigation
  • Ability to monitor and manage hotel's online reputation from a single interface
  • Easily discover problems and identify solutions
  • Powerful reporting provides invaluable insights for marketing and operations management
  • Easily identify and drive hotel and corporate goals
  • In-depth competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Examine consumer behavior and shopping trends
  • Integrated workflow for responding to reviews, internal communication with moderation, and more
  • Direct interface to TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Twitter with ability to interact on channels from within the tool
  • Group reporting for brands and management groups
  • Account management and online support

Central Warehouse for Reviews

The eBuzz Connect system is designed as a central warehouse for collecting and storing data from multiple Web 2.0 and social media sites. Data is presented to the user in easy-to-read dashboard reports. These summarized reports are segmented by channel type, such as review sites, Facebook, Twitter, photo sharing, videos, blogs, and news.

Why eBuzz Connect is the Best Social Media and Reviews Monitoring Tool for Hotels:

Online reviews and social media are increasingly becoming critical components of any hotel's online strategy. Search engines are using reviews to determine the placement of business sites on search results pages in organic and local sections. Social media interactions ("social circle") are also a significant ranking factor. Hotels that take advantage of this trend and make an effort to manage their online reputation are seeing significant benefits in terms of online placement and increased revenue. Over the last few years, Milestone has collected substantial ROI data from hotel social media marketing efforts for several clients. A direct result of these efforts, eBuzz Connect focuses on the social media channels found to be most effective for hotels.


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