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Cindy & Kirk Lok, Quality Inn Petaluma, Holiday Inn Express Sebastopol

We have been with Milestone for three years and couldn't be happier. One of the main reasons is that they are always on the cutting edge for online marketing. Milestone has really has been the answer for us when it comes to keeping up with the consumers. We remain on the competitive edge because Milestone has led us by the hand and shown us that the dollars we invest are producing at least 10x to 13x more - so the results are there! And we are already in the process of changing our strategy to fit where the consumers are headed - and that is what we want - people to help us be on the next level and change with the consumers.
Milestone customer service is also great! The employee's are really there for us. Every quarter we have a review of our website where our Account Manager shows us the results. The most important thing is the relationship Milestone develops with their clients. And it's not that we hand over all our marketing; we still have a responsibility to deliver on our side. But most importantly, we understand where our consumers are going, we understand the results of our efforts and we are an integral part of the decision making. So we will continue to use Milestone and are ready to take the next step into web 2.0 and we couldn't be more excited.
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