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Milestone Digital Marketing Conference
Learn Digital Strategies Rarely Discussed In Public Forums
Milestone Digital Marketing Conference 2017 will be a comprehensive marketing conference.  We will discuss the topics and trends that relate most with marketing a local business and increasing digital revenue.  We will highlight ways to increase your online competitiveness, reach, and engagement. Below are a few of the topics that were covered in our 2016 Digital Marketing Conference, stay tuned for 2017 topics!

Topics Covered


Learn top 10 tactics to saturate your mobile presence. Localize and geo-target your messaging on your mobile website to connect with the generation that matters the most for travel. Deliver a richer mobile experience by building AMP sites.

Attribution and ROI

Business is up but seeing a decline in your year over year website trafc? Understand today's attribution and strategies to manage your channels.

Understand the Conversion Funnel

Lean how the marketing channels fit into the conversion funnel and how to correctly measure digital marketing success. Learn how to maximize soft and hard conversion metrics.

Paid Search Strategies

Learn latest paid marketing strategies for each stage of the digital customer journey, highlighting which factors contribute the most to increasing revenues. Maximize your ROAS from Meta and Paid Search Channels.

Website Design

Review award winning website designs that are attractive and built for search to optimize your site. Learn the latest technology available to create user experiences with optimal conversions.

Local Search

Search is constantly evolving- Knowledge Graph, direct answers, mobile, wearable technology. Learn how to leverage the latest search trends to increase your digital presence.

Social Media

As social increases its value in ranking factors, learn how you can increase your social reach and search engine signals. Learn the best strategies to quickly implement on your social channels to engage with your most loyal supporters.

Digital Marketing Plan- Creating Plans Based on Type of Property

Branded hotels and non-branded hotels have different marketing strategies, as well as boutique properties and resorts. Learn the key marketing plans for your property type.