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We celebrate our valued relationships and the circle of clients who share their successes with us.
What Clients Say About Milestone Internet Marketing - Ray Patel

Ray Patel


Holiday Inn Express, Ramada, Days Inn
(Santa Clara)
What Clients Say About Milestone Internet Marketing - Cindy & Kirk Lok

Cindy & Kirk Lok

Lok Group

Quality Inn Petaluma, Holiday Inn Express
What Clients Say About Milestone Internet Marketing- Peter Evenhuis

Peter Evenhuis

General Manager

Holiday Inn
(Santa Clara)
  • "Absolutely stunning and I know our conversions will go through the roof!"
    We couldn't be more appreciative and thankful for the hard work that you've done to give us a wonderful site. It's so much easier not having to maintain a separate desktop/mobile site. Your new CMS is powerful and easy to use. We love it.
  • A few years ago I underwent extensive research to find a firm to build a new website for us.
    Though we had an ongoing relationship with an industry leader that had built our site in the past and provided other services, it was time to research other firms. We had already started working with social media, but I only now learned the importance of having a strategy that went hand in hand with our website design and promotion. I picked Milestone and have been very happy with my choice. We purchased the entire package - website design & promotion and social media optimization. Milestone truly understands our industry, and takes an integrated approach to electronic marketing. In addition, Milestone continuously improves and expands its products and stays current in this quickly changing digital age. Milestone products and support enable us to manage our website and social media as much or little as we want. Quarterly ROI calls continue to show us the tremendous impact these products and services have on business. Dedicated Milestone representatives work closely with us to constantly achieve new goals and keep everything current. I've been extremely happy with Milestone - whether one needs help starting a small eCommerce Campaign or is looking to develop a more extensive strategy I'm happy to recommend them to anybody!
  • Our new independent website is one of our most profitable channels
    Since going live with our new website by Milestone, the revenue generated from this channel has increased substantially year after year. The return on investment has been the highest among the distribution channels. The Milestone dashboard is very easy to use and their personalized service is exceptional. Additionally, their account managers are always prompt in answering any correspondence.
  • "I recommend Milestone to anyone who wants to increase Revenue and keep up with your competitors
    Everyone at Milestone has been great at answering my questions in a timely manner and showing me all I need to know about our Website and Social Media. The reporting is excellent and very detailed down to the location of visitors to our site. I attend all training and information webinars and find them to be very informative. The Milestone dashboard is so easy to use on a daily basis & MediaConnect360 makes posting to Social Media easy and saves a lot of time."
  • Milestone is right on target. Milestone worked with us to develop an exciting new website for our unique property
    In addition to optimizing the site, Milestone stressed the importance of creating packages to offer customers. Milestone assisted us in developing a core group of packages especially suited for our area. Our new site has been up and running for only two weeks and in that time we have booked 10 packages and have received several calls. We are thrilled
  • I found everything that I was looking for and more in Milestone Internet Marketing.
    When I was searching for a new website company for our Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, I found everything that I was looking for and more in Milestone Internet Marketing. They offered us solutions to several problems that we were having from internet presence to room bookings. Since going live with our new website created by Milestone, we have been selling out our hotel during high profile city-wide events like NFR and keeping a consistent above average occupancy rate for a highly competitive city like Las Vegas throughout the year. The Milestone dashboard is so easy to use on a daily basis. When I do need the support of Milestone, I get a quick response and my support tickets are completed on time. We have increased the number of products that Milestone provides us including a new blog, social media monitoring and more. The products are easy to use and have saved me time during my busy day. I would recommend Milestone Internet Marketing to any company that is looking to increase productivity, revenue and stay one step ahead of your competitors.
  • True partners
    You have an excellent company and the team have been true partners with our team which we appreciate!
  • Within 2 months after our site went live, we have booked $36,000.00 of new business during the lowest season of the year
    Prior to Milestone, our website sat idle amongst the many others being looked at for menus, pictures, and layouts when guests were prompted by our in-house staff to view these pages. Milestone generated traffic to our site via Google, Yahoo etc. all without pay per clicks - in other words organically. We now have a powerful new online marketing vehicle.
  • Milestone was masterful in assisting our hotel during the transition from a branded to an independent hotel
    They truly understood the unique challenges, various dependencies, and, ironically enough, the milestones we needed to reach in order to get our branding pushed out early and often. Milestone also led our PPC campaigns in order to maximize exposure during our transition period. I think that their communication at every step of the way was excellent and the product we imagined came to life precisely as we wanted!
  • Our occupancy has increased by 35% since our new site went live
    Milestone offered us strategic marketing advice on the things that our target clients were looking for in our local region and helped us target these customers on the internet
  • We have seen a significant increase in traffic and reservations from our website
    For example, our bookings from website in Jul increased 80% over last year to 350+ room nights. Most of the visitors on our website are from Search Engine referrals. We rank on the 1st or 2nd pages of most of out targeted key words in Google. The investment made with Milestone has made an incredible return on investment. In addition to their high quality personalized service, one of the key differentiators that sets Milestone apart is their constant innovation and new products and services. We recently developed a Chicago destination blog with Milestone. Our website page rank increased as soon as the blog got page rank. We are seeing almost 200 sessions a day on the blog alone. I find the blog administration easy to use.
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