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What is Intellistar?

Intellistar is Milestone's Digital and Competitive Intelligence Manager that enables businesses to monitor their holistic digital performance from a single dashboard. Through Intellistar's insights, businesses are empowered with targeted strategies for connecting with customers across every touch point - mobile, tablet or desktop - and through their journey across channels like social, local and paid.
Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence

Milestone's Digital Intelligence platform empowers businesses with a 360° overview of their performance and their digital strategies.
  • 24 x 7 access into holistic performance
  • Metrics rolled into actionable insights & scheduled digital review reports
  • Enterprise portfolio management
  • A powerful, singular tool to understand comprehensive digital performance
Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Milestone's Competitive Intelligence platform empowers businesses with insights into their performance when compared to the competitive landscape.
  • Performance against industry benchmarks
  • Performance against competitors
  • Metrics rolled into actionable insights & scheduled competitive analysis reports
  • Shows relevant metrics in a single interface eliminating the need for a separate competitive analysis study
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